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'Poi' is a traditional Maori dance prop from New Zealand, used to increase the player’s flexibility and strength in their hands and arms as well as improving hand eye coordination and spatial awareness. Poi is also wonderful fun to play and watch. This has given rise to a contemporary style of spinning popular all over the world.

I sell a wide variety of high quality poi, flags and juggling equipment. Because it is something I am myself passionate about, you can buy from me with the highest confidence. I also guarantee the quality of everything I sell.

In this shop you will find a variety of:

~ Hula Hoops (Kids’ & Adults’) ~
~ Poi (Tailed, Sock & LED) ~
~ Juggling Balls & Clubs ~
~ Devil Sticks ~
~ Diabolos ~
~ Staffs ~
~ Flags ~
~ Books ~
~ And other bits & bobs ~

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It is my aim to supply affordable yet high quality equipment to everyone from beginners and kids to the seasoned professional and senior citizens. I also aim to promote juggling and circus skills and encourage leaving the game consoles and chat rooms to take part in this interactive, skill developing, exercise giving, bundle of fun.

I started playing with poi several years ago, partly to help with a shoulder problem and partly because it looked great fun and rather amazing. I soon learned that dancing with poi could be quite magical, and have since found a passion for poi I am delighted to have discovered.

A few years ago, after my good friend Erik started up the company 'Erik's Poi Toys' designing, making and wholesaling poi, I began assembling the poi for him and working on his poi stall at festivals throughout the country. I have since taken up the reins of the festival stall, trading under the name of Rainbow Dragon, & expanded it to include a wide variety of juggling and spinning equipment. Come and see us this year at Priddy Folk Festival, The Glade, Play Festival, The Big Chill, Gaunts House Summer Gathering and The Green Man, among others. Together with the team I give free demonstrations and workshops, confident that as many people as possible should discover how wonderful playing with poi can be.

As well as being an amazing activity for people to watch, poi are very satisfying to spin... When you get in the flow it just feels right. They're great to dance with and they vastly improve hand eye coordination and spatial awareness.

If you have a back, arm, wrist or shoulder problem, playing with poi is first class physio, giving constant circular movement and building up strength. It's kinda like a ‘spin’ on tai chi.

But when it all comes down to the banana, they're just great fun!

If you haven't tried learning poi, then I highly recommend giving it a spin. If you already do, then you know what I'm on about.

Have wonderful day!

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