About Us-Rainbow Dragon

About Us

Here at Rainbow Dragon, we sell a variety of poi, hoops, diabolos, devilsticks and staffs, along with a wide range of other juggling and circus props. All our equipment is either made by Rainbow Dragon or sourced from environmental and ethically aware companies.

 Rainbow Dragon travel around the UK summer festival circuit, with our interactive circus stall. At these festivals the Rainbow Dragon team give free demonstrations and workshops, confident that as many people as possible should discover the wonders of playing with circus props. Please check our Facebook Page for our latest festival calendar.
You can also shop online with us, through eBay and Etsy (our brand only).
After a summer working with Erik's Poi Toys' festival stall in 2005, by invitation I (hello, I'm Mike) took over Erik's poi stall and made it my own in 2006. Through the years, with a great deal of early assistance from the wonderful Abigail Parry - help with forming our identity, making our toys and cementing our festival presence - I and our splendid festival crew have grown Rainbow Dragon into the respected and friendly small business you see today.
Over the years, Rainbow Dragon has attended: Big Chill, Secret Garden Party, Blissfields, Glade, Beautiful Days, Glastonbury, Boomtown, Bearded Theory, Nozstock, Illusive, Y-Not, Global Gathering, and many other delightful UK festivals.

We are a very interactive stall, offering demonstrations and interactive lessons throughout each festival. We always have plenty of juggling props available for people to play with, with no pressure at all to purchase... We have a 'come and play, no need to pay' policy.

We also pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, friendly attitude and the bright, colourful Rainbow Dragon experience.